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Theologizing on Life-Promoting Trade

The series of events that were held in Hong Kong parallel to the 6th Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization (WTO) last December 2005 kept us CCA staff very busy not only during the preparation and implementation of said events but even after all that.

These events provided concrete ways for CCA to work closely with civil society groups and ecumenical bodies who believe that "peace means economic justice". Thus, our involvement in the events was part of our observance of the Decade to Overcome Violence (DOV) Focus on Asia.

CCA-FMU joint executive secretary Josef Widyatmadja co-organized with some civil society groups the Conference on Globalising Economic Justice and Social Sustainability on 8-12 December. The conference was a platform for faith communities to critique their role, reflect on the economic justice aspect of the WTO, and search for alternatives towards social justice and sustainability.

CCA-EGY joint executive secretaries Cora Tabing-Reyes and Chang Chung Chih, together with CCA-FMU joint executive secretary Hope Antone, helped to co-organize the "Ecumenical Women's Forum on Life-Promoting Trade" on 12-14 December. CCA-EGY interns Lo Chia Fang and Ma La Wu Shwe Wut Ye also helped and participated in the forum.

One highlight of both the Conference and the Forum was the chance to join the public assembly and march organized by the People's Alliance on WTO on 13 December.

Very interesting sharing of analyses, theological reflections, and experiences and visions of new alternatives characterized the women's forum.

Following is a prayer that Hope Antone offered at the opening of the women's forum:

Dear God,
We share the groaning, weeping and lamenting
not only of your people,
but also of your whole creation.
It is for this that we gather here.
It is for this that we open this forum.
During this Advent Season, we await your coming
as the source and embodiment of Love and Justice.
In the face of powers and principalities that cause
violence, injustice, and unpeace in our time,
we pray again and again for your
justice to roll down as waters
and your righteousness as an everflowing stream.
May it touch leaders and governments that they
may hear the cries of the suffering peoples.
May it transform structures so there will be
life-promoting and just trade for all.
May it change our lives - so that we become
strengthened by your spirit,
inspired by your compassion,
empowered by your will
to make all things new in your reign of
Love, Justice and Peace for all

posted by hope on Thursday, January 05, 2006  

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