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Tainan Seminary hosts theological roundtable meeting

On January 9-12, a group of representatives of theological movements and associations of theological education in Asia met in Shoki Coe House at Tainan Theological College and Seminary TTCS)in Tainan, Taiwan, to share their assessment of Asian contextual theologies and their dreams of working together.

The words of Huang Po Ho, president of the Tainan Theological Seminary that hosted the meeting, aptly summarized the sharing of stories by movements and associations. He said, "All contextual theologies are experiencing a setback weakened in the wake of the current situation. It seems that we cannot find any role of Asian theology in the life of the church, thereby, making the church more marginalized in Asia."

The group therefore tried to envision Asian theological education that would help bring about transformation. It is one that is rooted in and responsive to Asian contexts and realities. Informed by global theological movements, it is liberating and empowering. It critically draws from our Asian resources for spirituality and wisdom. It transforms church and society, seminaries and theological education, and Christian higher education. Holistic in methodology, it is engaged in the public arena and models right relationships between local and other cultures, disciplines and faiths.

The group consisted of representatives of the following movements and associations: Program for Theologies and Cultures in Asia (Kang Namsoon and Simon Kwan); Association of Theological Education in Southeast Asia (Sientje Merentek-Abram); CCA-WCC Ecumenical Theological Education (Wati Longchar); Ecumenical Association of Third World Theologians-Asia (Arche Ligo); Northeast Asia Theological Schools (Huang Po Ho); Federation of Asian Bishops Conferences (Soosai Arokiasamy); Asian Women's Resource Centre for Culture and Theology (Yong Ting Jin); Congress of Asian Theologians (Kang Namsoon and Soosai Arokiasamy); Archie Lee and David Suh (Asian Christian Higher Education Institute); and Christian Conference of Asia (Hope S. Antone). CCA-FMU desk organized and facilitated this meeting.

posted by hope on Saturday, February 05, 2005  

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